Super Dough is the ultimate playdough set for any youthful spirit! Each box set contains a variety of colorful playdough options, as well as a wide assortment of creative molds. Whether you’re feeling like playing master chef or ice-dough parlor, each Super Dough box set comes with several playdough colors in separate tubs, and a unique molds to help you create a dough-ful reality of your own!

The SUPER STAMPERS is a patented accessory line designed by Pamson. The line features collectible characters with the unique functionality of a crayon, eraser and a stamp! We put the fun in FUNctionality. 

Pamson is an authorized OEM manufacturer. We are not a licensee and do not have the rights to sell this product and are not representing here that we do. 

Look no more, the perfect bubble solution — IT’S BUBBLES! With these conveniently sized & non-toxic bubbles bottles, you can take your favorite activity with you wherever you go. Whether you’re in the market for the simple yet perfect bottle of bubbles, or you want an epic accessory, It’s Bubbles has the bubble bounty for you. Grab a Bubble Wand with your bubbles to add a special twist to your bubble blowing, or opt for the The Giant Bubble n’ Water Blaster or 2-in-1 Bubble n’ Water Blaster to blow the perfect bubbles and blasts water.

Our signature Dollies line introduces DollyPops “Pepper”, “Sugah”, “Honey” and “Candy.” Each sweet figurine sports luscious locks of colorful hair, and comes with a personalized tiara, comb, and hair tie that gives you the opportunity to style & customize your sweet girl however you wish. DollyPops are available in a range of sizes, from the mini-pop standing at just 6 inches tall, to the 10.5 inch dolls, who come with their very own scooters to ride! Don’t forget the the 11.5 inch dolls who have additional accessories — a car, a horse, or even a wardrobe vanity set. And of course there’s our 17 inch DollyPop Stylist, who comes ready with all the tools you need to transform into a fashionista! There’s even a DollyPops Styling Head, which comes with 50 special accessories to give you the ultimate styling experience. Whatever you’re craving, DollyPops has the sweetness for you!

Pamson holds the Peppa Pig license for North America in the category of bubble. Pamson has worked with eOne for the past two years finding success with their uniquely designed bubble items.