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The soak stream

The Soak Stream is a one-of-a-kind mega water blaster that lets you to spray your target from upto 26 feet away with a simple pumping motion. This durable pump-action water gun is made with fun and functionality in mind. The easy-grip handle allows you to hold and aim your water blaster, as you pump and spray with the other. Premium non-toxic bubble solution included. Get ready for epic water fun unlike ever before!


 The H2Hotshot comes with two fast-fill water gun blasters ready to load up 10 oz of water & spray the target from up to 26 feet away. Ergonomic and easy to grip, this ideal water gun set works well in tandem, or separately. Super durable and carefully crafted, this duo set is perfect for parties, outdoor activities, and kids of all ages!


the soak shot

The Soakshot is no joke - it holds up to 27 oz of liquid, and blasts up to 26 feet from its target. Load up the water in the large fill-tank, snap the orange lid shut, and pump at it.
With a simple pumping action, the Soakshot sprays several streams at once, covering a large surface area & making sure to soak anything in its path. The clear sides make it easy to see when water is running low, so you're never left without ammo

the trident

The Trident is as powerful as it is sleek, made with features that make it stand out! The large & open handle allows for a solid grip, which comes in handy when you're filling up the Trident with 33 oz of liquid and spraying everything within 26 feet. The spray comes out in 3 strong streams, allowing you to cover a larger surface area with every blast! This one is a real drencher.


The high tide

The HiTide takes its job seriously. Giving you the option to switch up the soak in four unique jet streams, simply turn the nozzle for a different spray. Made with durability and functionality in mind, this mega blaster holds up to 50 oz of liquid, and can spray up to 26 feet!
The rectangular shape of the body, and the larger handle size allow for a sturdy grip & customizable positioning, no-natter your size or experience. Get ready to soak it up!

the stream shot

The StreamShot is the king of pump-action water guns. Made with a 40 oz water fill capacity, and a blasting distance of up to 26 feet, you'll dominate the water gun war every time. The comfortable grip handle and long body of the StreamShot allow for maximum pumping action, helping you aim, pump, and soak your target. This one is a must-have for your water gun collection.


the aqua cannon

For the water gun pro, the Aqua Cannon is the ultimate in water soaking fun.
Made with a 67 oz water fill capacity, and_with the ability to soak a target from up to 36 feet away, you won't want to use any other water gun. Simply pump the blue lever and hold down the trigger to release an intense jet sure to drench everything in your path. Water bombs away!

the soak squad

The Soak Squad is the ideal 4-piece water gun set, giving you a perfect variety of soakers for any occasion. Whether you need 10 oz or 30 oz of liquid, you have your pick - each piece ready to drench anyone within 26 feet. Perfect for solo use, or as part of a group activity, the Soak Squad is a must-have för any oufdoor hang.


the sea rex

The Sea Rex is a custom water drencher that comes shaped like a dinosaur and is ready to soak up to 26 feet away. Fill it with 30 oz of liquid, and easily deploy a pumping action to the orange lever, you'll be spraying away in no time. Easy to fill and clean, this dino blaster is one of a kind & sure to be a favorite for years to come.

the electrostream

The ElectroStream is the supercharged soaker unlike any other. This electric water guns comes with a 2.5L backpack ready to load up a reservoir of liquid ammo to make sure you're the last to run low. With an easy-to-install battery, simply connect the backpack to your electro-gun, and press the trigger to release the Electro Stream's shot from up to 33 feet away from the target!


The hydro shark

The HydroHead Shark electric blaster is as unique as it is ferocious. Easy to fill and fueled by an electric charge, just install the battery & you're ready to shoot with a simple press of the trigger! With a 17 oz capacity, and a 33 ft shooting range, this electro-blaster is perfect for any occasion.


The FloBlaster is a no-frills electro-soaker that turns you into a water sniper in moments. With an easy-to-install battery and a 17 oz liquid-fill capacity, this piece will arm you with up to 33 feet of soaking accuracy. Just point and shoot, the electro-force will do the rest.And if you run out of batteries, you can always opt for manual mode. Made with durability and functionality in mind, this sleek & sturdy piece will it perfectly, arming you with perfect for all the water fun.



The Power Soak is a robust electric water soaker, made to last. With a 17 oz liquid fill, and up to 33 feet of soaking accuracy, this electro-soaker will get the job done. Use the electric mode by using an easy-to-install battery, or opt for manual mode. Easy to fill, clean, and use, the PowerSpray is a water fun favorite!

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