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The Bubble Chopper

The Bubble Chopper is a small but mighty 4 oz tube of ultimate bubble swordsmanship. The easy-grip fit & slim bubble wand allow for a dynamic duo of bubble-making fun! With perfect bubble after bubble, the Bubble Chopper creates endless bubbles with a blow or a wave of the wand, and is easy to refill and keep bubbling! Available in 5 color for versatility.

Bubble Magic Wand

The Bubble Magic Wand lives up to its name…it’s pure bubble-making magic in a classic 4 oz compact bottle. Each container comes with a sturdy  handheld wand ready to create perfect bubbles with either a blow or a flick of the wrist — and the ease of using either side to create bubbles makes it versatile & endlessly fun! Available in 3 color.

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The Majestic Bubble-Maker

The Majestic Bubble-Maker packs a solid 16 ounces of premium bubble solution to make sure the bubbles keep flowing for hours on end. The handheld cylinder is easy to grip, and the long & lean wand fits perfectly to allow for carrying and bubble-creating with ease. Available in a dynamic pink & blue, for all occasions!

The Super Saber

The Super Saber is a real show-stopper, with a capacity for bubble-making that surpasses your average bubble wand. With its easy grip handle, and cylinder carrier filled with premium bubble solution, the Super Saber is quick to re-up and create the most impressive bubbles with both the wave of a hand or a gentle blow. Available in 4 color!

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The Sumo Wand

For the brave bubble-blower, the Sumo Wand is a whole lotta bubbles and then some. The 64 ounce mega container & sturdy wand packs hours upon hours of bubble blowing power, with the versatility to re-up a variety of different wands & sabers. A must-have for the avid bubbler, who wants to make sure there’s always enough premium bubble solution to go around! Available in blue and green for versatility.

The Beary Bubbly

The Beary Bubbly is a lively and unique bear-topped electronic bubble-maker that allows for bubbles at the press of a button. No need to waste your breath, the Beary Bubbly produces perfect bubbles on command, and even plays a lively sound & light show to accompany the bubble fun! Available in panda and brown bear, for variety & fun!

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The Mega Bubbler

The Mega Bubbler is a sight to be seen! With a tray for pouring the premium bubble solution, and a large wand for dipping and making the world’s coolest long cylindrical bubbles — the Mega Bubbler is mega fun! The package comes with all the elements necessary for the best bubble-making, including a bottle of premium solution!

The Snapshot Bubbler

The Snapshot Bubbler is the ultimate electronic camera bubble-maker, sure to capture the best memories! The hand-held camera comes with a custom carrier strap, and  produces bubbles with the press of the realistic camera shutter — it even produces a fun camera shutter sound to add to the fun! Available in pink and blue!

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The Dolphin Drop

The Big Flipper dolphin bubble-gun is a unique combination of electronic bubble-maker, toy gun, and musical dolphin! The Big Flipper has unique features, including a removable compartment for reloading bubble solution, as well as a trigger that produces the best bubbles at the press of the button. It even makes a playful dolphin sound when activated! Available in pink and blue!

The Bubblefest

The Bubblefest premium bubble solution is the ultimate go-to for keeping the bubble-making fun going! This 64 ounce container of concentrated premium bubble solution is designed to easily refill any bubble toy with non-toxic concentrate, ideally by an adult, and always out of reach of younger children who may accidentally ingest it. While the concentrate is non-toxic, it should never be consumed.

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The Bubbly Duckling

The Bubbly Duckling is the ultimate duck camera bubbler with custom carrying strap! Its unique and eye-catching design and its seamless handheld fit make it a perfect bubble-blowing toy! With a simple click of the camera shutter, the Bubbly Duckling creates perfect bubbles automatically, and even plays cool sounds to add to the fun! Available in pink & yellow for versatility.

The Snap Frog

The Snap Frog is the custom frog-shaped bubble camera that’s sure to be a favorite keepsake for years to come! With it’s cute custom carrying strap & easy-to-fill bubble solution compartment, the Snap Frog creates endless bubbles with the press of the camera shutter. It even makes fun sounds when bubbling! Available in green & pink for versatility.

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The Bubble Hopper

The Bubble Hopper is a standalone frog-shaped bubbler that can be placed on any surface to create bubbles on demand. With a large refillable compartment for bubble solution nestled inside the frog’s mouth, the Bubble Hopper will make perfect bubbles for hours on end as the fan inside the frog’s mouth rotates automatically. A perfect companion for any event, and a real eye-catching novelty!

The Lawn Blower

The Lawn Blower is shaped to resemble a lawn mower, except the premium bubble fan produces perfect bubbles instead of clean-cut grass. With a refillable compartment at the top of its sturdy body, the Lawn Blower is a super fun interactive bubble toy that will keep everyone entertained for hours on end! Its unique design and multi-purpose use makes it a real treasure.

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The Bubble Sword

The Bubble Sword is a 7 ounce hand-held cylinder of bubble-making power! With an easy-to-grip body & a sturdy sword wand to re-up with bubble solution, the Bubble Sword creates impressive bubbles with a wave or a blow. Fit for any bubble-making enthusiast, the Bubble Sword is a perfect go-to for all ages!